Introducing, Onsee.

Introducing, Onsee.

March 15, 2022
Liz Yu


Our journey started in 2019 with a simple vision to make city cycling safe. Since then it’s been a wild ride developing and sharing REBO with the world, gaining support from the Department for Transport, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, the Geospatial Commission, Foundation of Integrated Transport, other various local councils and organisations, and not to mention cyclists all over the world!

About Onsee

Cyclists are often not seen as legitimate road users and find themselves needing to fight for space or act defensively on the road. We wanted our new look and symbol to embody our support for anyone wishing to travel by bike.

The name Onsee was inspired by the all-seeing eye, a symbol of protection, and sets out to represent our goal to get people comfortable with using bikes in everyday life.

Onsee embodies the beauty and freedom of seeing the world on two wheels when safety is no longer a barrier.

Our Iconic "O"

We champion the “O” in Onsee as a symbol of surrounding protection for people on bike journeys.

Our brand icon act as a shield for individuals on a bike – used to highlight the safety needs of different people on bikes from all walks of life and the power of safety in numbers when a community forms.

Our Colours

Our core colours are inspired from the urban environment contrasted with the sharp innovative energy from the accent cyan.

Our Designs

We’ve accompanied Onsee with visually free-flowing designs to showcase the freedom of movement and journeys that healthy, clean, and happy cycle cities should have worldwide.

Our Missions

Today, we remain true to what we started with and have taken the opportunity to evolve and better communicate our company mission in three parts:  

1) Enable people to move on a bike seamlessly from A-B by making cycling safer & easier.

A bike ride in London is statistically as safe as walking, unfortunately, it often doesn’t feel this way as road behaviour and infrastructure are not good enough. This prevents cycling uptake and decreases the number of cyclists, trips taken, and distance per trip. We aim to increase the amount of people travelling by bike through the promotion of safer road behaviour and better cycling infrastructure with our products and data.

2) Champion bikes as the de-facto transportation solution to climate crisis.

The world is facing a climate crisis. Road transport makes up over a quarter of EU’s greenhouse emissions and continues to rise. Cycling is a low-carbon and cost effective solution - increasing the number of cyclists on the road by 20% worldwide could cut carbondioxide emissions from vehicles by 11%. By getting individuals out of their cars and on theirbikes we can drive the change to create healthier cities.

3) Cultivate and grow cycling communities worldwide to help amplify voices and credibility to those driving changes and facilitating active travel.

Cyclists in numbers have a higher chance of promoting change and increasing safety and environmental impact. We aim to get more people cycling and people cycling more in orderto encourage the use of cycling as a regular form of transport worldwide.

We also strive to cultivate and aid a community passionate about developing cycling cities by providing them with real and impactful tools and data they need to break barriers, save lives, and combat climate change.

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