The most intuitive cloud based camera.
Made by cyclists, for cyclists.

Wireless bookmark button
Press and save instant replay 1 min. before & after

Wifi connected, it uploads itself. No searching, no editing. Simple.

8 hours battery life
always recording
never miss a moment

Water proof, Dust proof, Impact proof, vibration proof
It won't let you down

One handed mount
Snap on, snap off

200 lumens dual white or red lights
200m seeing beam
180 degrees visibility

1080p 30fps
Low light lens
135° wide

GPS, accelerometer, and smart sensors, every moment can be reconstructed

Computer with the platform picture

One page of pure power

Manage your videos or incidents faster than ever, with authomatic uploads and a dynamic location-time based navigation. The first centralised platform for reporting and sharing incidents with the community.

The powerful data map will help you learning about your city dangerous hotspots and you can contribute for building a better city in the future.

Private videos stay private
Tag incidents or problems and optionally share intelligence with the community

Live status of your camera

Find the safest routes and avoid places others have felt unsafe before

Phone app picture

Didn't bookmark? Recover videos in past 3 days

Platform time machine screenshot

See danger spots & campaign for change

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