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Meet REBO.
Your ultimate ride companion.
Smart bike light and dashcam, designed to reduce near misses and record incidents.
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How can REBO intuitively humanise people on bikes to those moving around us?

Though REBO was created to give cyclists an easy way to capture and report incidents on the road, it was crucial to us when building this product to also look at how REBO could prevent near misses from happening in the first place.


Our unique eye design tackles the behavioural psychology of those moving around cyclists.

We use the proven ‘watching eye’ effect to nudge safer behaviour on the road for drivers to pass wider and to humanise cyclists as road users.


Handlebar Bookmark

With a click of our handlebar bookmark button, you can capture details both before and after your bookmark: video footage, location, plate numbers, and more.

Keep riding, review later.


Review and Feedback

Review and share incidents recorded, or feedback on our platform to improve infrastructure in your area.

Contribute directly to data and insights to feed into infrastructure changes with every click.

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Calling All Cyclists!


We will be releasing REBO on KickStarter early 2022.

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Cycle Couriers

We are currently running pilots with cycle logistics

and courier companies throughout Europe.


Our handlebar bookmark allow riders to capture any incidents

throughout the day without missing a rhythm or a beat.

Keep a look out for your riders and add a layer of protection on the road with REBO.

If you are interested in trialling a pilot with us, please contact us at: